Friday, January 13, 2012

FYI: My ICONS Clarification Notes Updated to Version 2.1

I've updated my ICONS Clarification Notes to a new version (Version 2.1 released 1/12/2012). If this is your first time seeing these, it includes a collection of ICONS rules clarification questions with answers from Steve Kenson et al. culled from various sources such as RPGNet and the ICONS Yahoo Group mailing list. Inside you will find clarification on topics related to powers, determination, aspects (qualities and challenges), tagging and compelling, villains and determination, point-buy character creation option, blindness and more.

I hope this continues to be useful to my fellow ICONS players. The scope of this document is clarifications to the core rules from the designers and publisher. Any suggestions for future updates including layout and suggestions for inclusion are always welcome.

Please note: this is not an official ICONS publication and is not endorsed by Adamant Entertainment. It is just one anal retentive with obsessive-compulsive disorder fan's attempt to collect all the clarifications for this amazing Supers roleplaying game in one place!

The ICONS Clarification Notes can be found in the JUST ADD HEROES Downloads section.

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