Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grimm City Update: City Overview Map Progress

As I mentioned previously, I've been working on an overview map of Grimm City that will show the major neighborhoods and districts and provide a general feel for the layout of the city. Later on I will expand the overview map to include all major streets and locations by neighborhood or district as they are developed. Once the overview map is completed (hopefully in the next couple of days), I'm going to start providing some Grimm City ICONS content, but I want to complete the overview map first as a frame of reference. 

Here's a sample section of the overview map:
A sample section of the Grimm City Overview Map

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the EN World community members who provided me will some valuable insight and feedback in this map development thread.

As always, comments, suggestions and criticisms are always welcome. Thanks for reading!

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