Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grimm City Update: Detailed Street Level Map Progress

I've begun work on the more detailed "street level" map of Grimm City in Campaign Cartographer 3 based on the overview map I shared earlier. Here's a sample of the work in progress (click on the map below to see a larger version of this image):
Click on the map above to view a larger version of this image.
I'm starting with the areas that have that standard city grid layout and next up will be the less "planned" streets in the older areas of the city that had their paths determined by the local geography and necessity.

Random Fun Grimm City Fact
The Harper Island Ferry provides passenger service between the southern shore of Harper Island and the terminal near Fort Triton Park in Downtown Grimm City and has been in continuous operation since 1820. A one way trip in either direction takes about 27 minutes. The fare is 75 cents one way or $1 dollar for a round trip pass for a pedestrian passenger, and $3 dollars one way or $5 dollars round trip per vehicle regardless of the number of passengers. The round trip ride is also a popular tourist attraction which helps to keep operating costs down for the residents who use the service. The ferry also seems to be a popular destination for super-villains and their nefarious plans over the years as well...

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