Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Release Roundup: December 2011

After a bit of a drought in new ICONS releases (the adventure GANGBUSTERS! from Adamant Entertainment in early October was the last time we saw anything new), the last month of 2011 brought some much needed relief for ICONS fans.

First up we have The RetConQuest, a new ICONS adventure from Ad Infinitium Adventures. While Ad Infinitium Adventures may be a new publisher, you will instantly recognize the names behind this venture: ICONS creator Steve Kenson and "iconic" ICONS artist Dan Houser! The RetConQuest is a 20 page PDF adventure for ICONS written by Steve Kenson and featuring art by Dan Houser and sells for $3.95.

After a short hiatus as ownership and management changed hands, Vigilance Press is back with two new ICONS releases in December 2011 as well. Recently, former Vigilance Press front man Chuck Rice (creator of the amazing USHER Dossiers) stepped down and handed his company over to James Dawsey. Under James's new leadership, Vigilance Press has released not one but two new ICONS products this past month.

First up from Vigilance Press is the ICONS edition of Watchguard: Teen Force 5. Produced in cooperation with Mutants and Masterminds favorite third party publisher Xion Studios, Watchguard: Teen Force 5 is a 26 page PDF collection of team hero and villain write-ups for the Watchguard setting by Charlie McElvy and sells for $10.99.

Next, Vigilance Press gives us Devilish Duos: Smoke and Mirrors, a pair of NPC villains with a supernatural twist. Devilish Duos looks like a promising new product line - I know I can't wait to see more! Smoke and Mirrors is a 10 page PDF written by Jack Norris and James Dawsey with artwork by James as well and sells for just $0.99 cents.I wish James the best of luck with his new venture and from the looks of things, ICONS fan favorite Vigilance Press is back and as good as ever!

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