Monday, March 26, 2012

Fainting Goat Games Releases First ICONS Product

Attack of the giant rampaging ANTS!
Fainting Goat Games has just released its first ICONS product, Improbable Tales: Day of the Swarm. This 17-page PDF adventure for the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game was written by Mike Lafferty and Chris McGroarty with artwork by Adrian Smith, Scott Harshbarger,and Jacob Blackmon, and is currently the number one best-selling ICONS product at RPGNow.  

Day of the Swarm is the first offering to come out of Fainting Goat Games' recent Improbable Tales adventure collection Kickstarter and it is now available for purchase by the general public. In addition to an exciting ICONS adventure, you get a nice collection of paper mini "standees" to use in your games. Congratulations to Mike Lafferty and the entire gang at Fainting Goat Games for hitting one out of the park their first time up at bat! So if you missed out on the Improbable Tales Kickstarter, grab this adventure now at the limited time only price of $1.50!

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