Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Release Roundup: March 2012

I want to apologize to everyone  for the lack of updates. I've been very busy working on promotion and group ticket sales for a new professional regional theater in my home town, and with a show opening at the end of this month, I've been in a bit of a time crunch. Stay tuned, however, for more on The Black Baron and the Barony of Mendovia, plus more History of Grimm City coming real soon!

One of the goals of this blog is to promote ICONS publishers and spotlight new releases of ICONS products. So without further ado...

HAZARD Studio has partnered with Zenith Comics and recently released Zenith Comics Presents: Supervillains (ICONS). This 40 page PDF by Andrew Collas with artwork by Anthony Green features 11 new villains for your ICONS game from the Zenith Universe. My personal favorite villains in this collection are Green Gargoyle, Jackie Frost and Wolfen. Both high resolution and printer friendly versions of the PDF are provided. And not only do you get a complete set of paper miniature "standees" popular with ICONS fans, you also get a full set of counters reminiscent of the old Villains & Vigilantes products as well. Eleven villains with detailed backgrounds and with full ICONS stats for just 99 cents is a great bargain so be sure to check this out!

Melior Via today released the latest ICONS supplement for their Hope Prep campaign setting, HPS Aliens Character Pack (ICONS). This 13 page PDF by Chuck Burhanna and John Dunn with artwork by Dan Houser features six fully-statted members of the Alien clique for the Hope Preparatory School setting. The characters are each presented as a character sheet and are given a full background and personality profile so they can be used as either PCs or NPCs. My favorites include robot boy SAM Fleming and Rocky Stone. As an added bonus, you also get paper miniature "standees" of all the characters. The HPS Aliens Character Pack PDF sells for $2.99. Hope Preparatory School is an amazing campaign setting and if you are a fan of teen heroes (like X-Men Evolution or Teen Titans), I highly recommend checking out all of Melior Via's HPS products.

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  1. I don't think I've made any secret of my love for Melior Via's HPS setting, and the alien pack looks good. I don't know how it will play--I have a tendency to overlook details until the thing is stress-tested--but I like it.

    The Hazard Studio/Zenith Press item was, I think, previously released by just Zenith Press. I don't know if there are any changes besides (maybe) small layout things--I don't own the new version. I liked the old one, though.