Monday, April 23, 2012

Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The Lost Episode

Tonight one of my gaming buddies gave me a rare treat - I got to experience a 1-on-1 session of ICONS as a player and not the GM. My friend Scotty wanted to try GMing a game of ICONS so we threw together an off-the-cuff adventure just for fun where I got to play Desert Storm, the first character I ever created in ICONS (he's a featured iconic now in ICONS: Hero Pack I), as well as the Dark Knight himself, the one and only Batman. I really wanted to try a few of the new ideas that ICONS developer Steve Kenson has been kicking around lately on his blog, but since Scotty is a new GM, we opted to just use the RAW instead. That included using the traditional d6-d6 dice rolling method where one die is designated positive and the other negative (those of you who know me know that I prefer to use 2d6-7), so it was good to experience that in play again.

So Desert Storm and Batman teamed up (just like in a typical episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold) to take on the villainous duo of Mentuhotep (detailed in ICONS: Hero Pack I) and The Rukh (from Moreau Files 2, a Vigilance Press product by Mike Lafferty). Desert Storm and The Rukh, who is sometimes friend, sometimes foe, have crossed paths before. The action took place in the Egyptian desert at the site of a lost tomb buried beneath the sands that belonged to the infamous Black Pharaoh, his real name erased for his crimes eons ago. Mentuhotep and The Rukh teamed up together to raid the tomb and recover two powerful artifacts that each desired to possess: The Book of the Undead (containing powerful necromantic magics that Mentuhotep desired) and the Rod of the Scorpion (a powerful but corrupting weapon that The Rukh wanted to obtain to help protect the people of his Middle Eastern nation). Desert Storm learned of their plans and contacted Batman who flew over to the Middle East in the Batplane to help him put a stop to it and recover the dangerous artifacts themselves and safely hide them away.

Outside the entrance to the tomb, Desert Storm and Batman first had to battle two giant scorpions summoned by The Rukh with the Rod of the Scorpion. Once those menaces were defeated, the heroes entered the tomb and had a final showdown in the burial chamber of the tomb. Mentuhotep and The Rukh were eventually defeated and Batman took the Book of the Undead and the Rod of the Scorpion away for safekeeping. All-in-all, it was a fun time!

Batman and Desert Storm vs. giant scorpions outside the tomb!
I've included some shots of the play table complete with the paper standees from Hero Pack I (although the ones for the Rukh and Batman were homemade by me). The giant scorpion counters were something I made back in my d20 Modern days and had lying around. The terrain outside of the buried tomb was made using tiles from e-Adventure Tiles: Desert Ruins by SkeletonKey Games (specifically tiles DR01 and DR19). The burial chamber terrain tile was taken from Battlemaps Lairs: Mummy's Tomb by 0one Games. I love raiding my gaming stuff to come up with pot luck like this.

Showdown in the burial chamber with Mentuhotep and The Rukh!
The next photo below illustrates two things I want to share. First, for anyone reading that may not be familiar with the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game, notice how my character sheet for Desert Storm is a 3" x 5" index card? All his game stats fit on one side of an index card! How's that for rules light? Finally, see the two jumbo d20s? We use those to track Determination, turning the d20 to the number of Determination  points the PC hero currently has as it is gained and spent through tagging and compelling of Aspects during game play. This keeps the table less cluttered by eliminating coins, poker chips or other markers to track Determination.

The tools of the ICONS trade.
Playing ICONS tonight with the cardboard standees, counters and terrain got me thinking about something, but more on that next time...

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  1. Nice recap. I usually GM in our group so when we started playing Icons be began rotating GMs. Being able to play a character was a blast. Glad you got to play. It is a great little game!

  2. Thanks bliss! It is nice to get a break from GM-ing once in awhile.