Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Golden Age Throwbacks: The Fighting Yank

There is a treasure trove of superheroes from the Golden Age of Comic Books that are now in the public domain. Just for fun, I've decided to start statting up some of my favorites for ICONS and share them here. By default, ICONS uses random character generation but it does offer a point-buy option, so this is a great exercise in building a character based on descriptions of existing superheroes. So tonight I present the first of the Golden Age Throwbacks: The Fighting Yank - one of the first true American patriots from the World War II era who knew how to seriously kick some Nazi butt!

Origin: None
Real Name: Bruce Carter III
First Appearance: Startling Comics #10 [Nedor Comics September 1941]

Prowess  4
Coordination  4
Strength  3
Intellect  3
Awareness  4
Willpower  3

Stamina  6
Determination  3

  • History Expert
  • Martial Arts Master
  • Pilot
  • Sail
  • Invulnerability Device 7  - Cloak of Invincibility: Firearm Attacks Only
  • Ability Boost Device 8 (Strength) - Cloak of Invincibility
  • Super-Speed Device 5  - Cloak of Invincibility
  • Connections : Ghost of Bruce Carter I
  • Epithet : America's Bravest Defender
  • Motivation : Indomitable Faith in Democracy
  • Catchphrase : ...but you'll know you've been in a fight first!
  • Connections : Joan Farwell (Fiancée)
  • Enemy : Axis Powers
  • Weakness : Must wear magical cloak for its Powers to work
Point Total: 48

The Fighting Yank is the secret identity of wealthy young aristocrat Bruce Carter III. He obtained his superhuman powers in 1941 when the ghost of his great-great grandfather Bruce Carter I, a soldier from the American Revolution, appeared and revealed to him the location of a magical cloak hidden in the attic of his ancestral family home just outside New York City. This magical cloak gave the wearer invulnerability (especially to bullet fire) and superhuman strength. Bruce Carter I was a soldier in George Washington's army in 1776 who was entrusted with delivering vital dispatches until one mission he was ambushed and killed by British spies and the information he was carrying fell into enemy hands. As punishment for his failure, Carter's restless soul was condemned to wander the earth and appear whenever danger threatened the United States and his country needed him.

Bruce Carter III and Joan Farwell
The Fighting Yank fought against the Axis Powers during World War II. His patriotic ancestor the ghost of Bruce Carter I became his guide in his war against evil, often assisting him when he got into trouble. Only Carter III's fiancée, Joan Farwell, knew of his dual identity, figuring it out the first time she saw him in costume when she pointed out to him that while it might be enough to fool strangers, she knew him far too well to be fooled by a domino mask. A skilled aviator and capable with a gun, Joan could hold her own in a fight.

The Ghost of Bruce Carter I

Along with his magical green Cloak of Invincibility, Fighting Yank also wears a tricorn hat (found in the attic with the magical cloak), square-buckled belt and shoes, a white shirt with an American flag on the chest, blue breeches and a domino mask. Bruce Carter III is the spitting image of his spectral ancestor.

The Fighting Yank was originally created by Richard E. Hughes & Jon L. Blummer and first appeared in Startling Comics #10 (September 1941) published by Nedor Comics.

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