Monday, April 9, 2012

ICONS: Hero Pack 4 Recruitment Drive!

ICONS line artist Dan Houser still has slots left for the upcoming ICONS: Hero Pack 4 character supplement to be published by Adamant Entertainment, so now is your chance to have your character drawn by Dan and entered into the official ICONS universe setting! For $10 bucks, you get all this:
  • Your character (hero or villain) drawn in Dan's "iconic" ICONS style (for the professional publication release by Adamant)
  • Your character drawn in a more "classic" comic book style (for a contributors only release)
  • The PDF of collected contributor release characters (contributors only release)
  • A "nemesis" for your character created and drawn by Dan for the professional publication release by Adamant
  • The PDF of the professional ICONS: Hero Pack 4 release from Adamant Entertainment
You also have the option to not include your character in the professional public release from Adamant Entertainment if you prefer - see Dan's announcement for more information.

So sign up now to be forever a part of ICONS lore and history!

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