Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Power: Mind Tap

Here's a new ICONS power I came up with tonight based on a character description by Fabrício Franco over at RPGNet. I've tweaked it a bit since I originally posted it over there. It is based on the Mind Control (from the ICONS core rulebook) and Sensory Link (from the Villainomicon) powers. Please feel free to discuss, critique and evaluate in the comments below.

Mind Tap (x2)
Mental Power
By establishing a mental connection with another individual, you may tap into their knowledge and experiences.

A target of Mind Tap must be within visual range for the link to be formed (but may travel out of range with an active Mind Tap) and have a Willpower level less than the level of this power or your own Willpower, whichever is greater. Those with greater Willpower are immune to your Mind Tap unless you first tag one of their aspects (see Tagging and Compelling under Determination). To access the mind of another person, roll a Mind Tap test with a difficulty of the target’s Willpower. If successful, you are connected to the target's mind until you choose to release them.

With a successful Mind Tap, you may access all the target's specialties and use them as if they were your own, but you must use your own corresponding ability scores when using the target's specialties. By spending a Determination point, you may use the target's specialties at the target's ability level (at a cost of one Determination point for each ability you access) as if it were your own. You may only mentally tap into one individual or consciousness at a time.

A Mind Tap may be maintained through concentration. If you are distracted (attacked, for example), a Willpower test with a difficulty equal to your Mind Tap level is required to maintain the connection.

If the subject of your Mind Tap is stunned or killed, roll a Willpower test with a difficulty equal to the damage of the attack, and read the result as a Mental Blast targeting you.

When randomly rolling characters, Mind Tap can be taken in place of Mind Control.


  1. I'm thinking Mind Tap might be a better name for this power than Mind Link. Thoughts?

  2. Yeah, I think Mind Tap sounds better. It's not that you're linking Minds (by which I think of Martian Manhunter and group telepathy), but that you're tapping into another mind and using its knowledge.

  3. jaerdaph,

    Mind Tap sounds better, indeed. The character that made us think about that power sprouted from old Marvel Saga, and I quote her power, as written in a Marvel Saga dedicated website: "Due to the transfer accident, Wendy can access the mind of any member of the alien race within her mind. While accessing the aliens, Wendy's Intellect and Willpower are boosted to 17 and 15, respectively, drawing on the collective alien minds. In addition, she can use any of the skills of the aliens (though it is up to the Narrator if the aliens had skills equivalent to those on Earth). Wendy can also retrieve memories and even converse mentally with the aliens in her head. In game terms, if the player makes an Average (8) power action, Wendy gets an Ability Boost of 10 to Intellect and Willpower and can use any skill in the Game Book (as long as the aliens had an equivalent skill). Wendy can access the aliens for an aura duration. Once the power fades, she must rest for an aura duration before she can use this power again."

    It's not exactly your Mind Tap, but almost there...

  4. You guys have convinced me, so I've changed the name to Mind Tap. Cameron, funny you should mention that - I was watching Young Justice this morning and Miss Martian got me thinking that her group telepathy was probably more of a Mind Link ability than what I have here.

    Fabrício, perhaps as a bonus power to Mind Tap, you can select one ability that you can automatically access as well with each successful Mind Tap.