Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Release Roundup: April 2012

Fainting Goat Games recently released the second title from their recent ICONS Kickstarter, Improbable Tales: Primal Power. Written by Mike Lafferty and Dan Taylor with artwork by Adrian Smith, Jacob Blackmon, Darren Calvert and Dan Houser, this new ICONS scenario features Virunga, a super-evil super-genius gorilla attempting to steal a Doomsday weapon from a top secret weapons plant. This 21-page PDF also includes tips on running the adventure based on play testing results, nicely rendered detailed maps, and paper standees of all the major villains and NPCs. Primal Power is on sale at RPGNow for just $2.50.

Adamant Entertainment has released the latest official ICONS adventure, ICONS: Flight of the Nova-1, written and illustrated by ICONS line artist Dan Houser.

The world waits with baited breath as Apex Innovations, one of the largest manufacturers of advanced technology in Victor City is about to launch the Nova-1, an experimental space plane with a revolutionary new engine called the Fusion Inductor designed by Doctor Brom Solomon. The engine is powered by a theoretical fuel source called the Potentiality Sling, a process that converts irradiated material’s potential energy into thrust.

The Nova-1 Experimental Space Plane and its six brave astronauts fall victim to an attack by a team of supervillains determined to steal the Fusion Inductor!

The heroes must rescue the crew and stop the assault on

This 19-page PDF adventure is specially designed as a introductory launch point for a campaign featuring a new group of superheroes, and sells for $5.00 at RPGNow.


  1. Jaerdaph,

    Do you happen to know the stats/names of the characters on the cover of the Flight of The Nova? Those books are extremely difficult to obtain here in Brazil (the taxes on imports are astronomical).


  2. Both of these were released as electronic PDF files only through RPGNow, Fabrício, if that helps with the import problem. Most ICONS products are PDF only now (no print version). I'm not sure who is on the cover of the Flight of the Nova-1, but I think they are all new characters. I haven't picked it up yet - I've already gone over my April budget for RPGs but plan on picking it up next month.

  3. My budget for RPGs, even PDF files (who cost something anyway, even if they're cheaper than print form) is very low. I have to decide carefully what to buy. That's why blogs like you, which present stats are so important to me. I learn a lot on how to play and how to 'portray' a character from it. I really wish there was more people interested in doing so, like the ones I read at Mutants & Masterminds Forum...

  4. Apparently Flight of the Nova-1 is the first in a four part module series: Dan Houser on Flight of the Nova-1