Monday, April 30, 2012

Rethinking Powers: Powers from Vigilance Press

There are several new powers for Adamant Entertainment's ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game from third party publisher Vigilance Press that make nice additions to the game. When Adamant Entertainment released the Villainomicon, it also included some new powers but it additionally let you know what powers they could be substituted for during random character generation, and you could deduce from that the new power's type (Alteration, Control, Defensive, Mental, Movement, Offensive or Sensory). Unfortunately, most of the new powers from Vigilance Press were published before the Villainomicon came out and don't provide this information.

Below is a list of all the new powers for ICONS from Vigilance Press that I am aware of with their source and suggestions for where they can be chosen when randomly rolling ICONS characters and for their power type.

Adaption (x2)
Alteration Power
Summary: Temporarily acquire a useful power for your current situation!
Source: Field Guide to Superheroes 1 - p. 11 (Vigilance Press)
When randomly rolling characters, Adaption can be taken in place of Power Theft. 

Control Power
Summary: Get an equipment package built from minor powers, like a utility belt!
Source: Field Guide to Superheroes 1 - p. 22 (Vigilance Press)
When randomly rolling characters, Equipment can be taken in place of Wizardry.

Sensory Power
Summary: Know things when you need to know them by divine inspiration, cosmic awareness, a sixth-sense or even a computer databank built into your power suit!
Source: Field Guide to Superheroes 2 - p. 12 (Vigilance Press)
When randomly rolling characters, Inspiration can be taken in place of Danger Sense.

Summon (x2)
Control Power
Summary: Summon minions to appear instantly and aid you!
Source: Action Scenes: Museum Mayhem - p. 13 (Vigilance Press)
When randomly rolling characters, Summon can be taken in place of Wizardry.

Movement Power
Summary: Get your own super-vehicle, like the Batmobile!
Source: Field Guide to Superheroes 2 - p. 48 (Vigilance Press)
When randomly rolling characters, Super-Vehicle can be taken in place of Super-Speed.

Ultra-Power (x2)
Alteration Power
Summary: Get three powers for the price of one, but you can only use them one at a time!
Source: Field Guide to Superheroes 3 - p. 14 (Vigilance Press)
When randomly rolling characters, Ultra-Power can be taken in place of Power Duplication.


  1. FYI: I've added a brief summary of each power.

  2. Thank you for adding summaries of the powers. I assume Ultra-Power derived from Legion of Super Heroes' Ultra Boy... And by what you wrote before about Summon, it's sort of a dimensional gate, only usable by minions who have worked with the character.

    On another different view, I've discovered what frustrates me in Icons. It's this general feeling that the whole setting is "for sale". It's not that the other settings aren't, but in Icons there's a great difficulty in finding these books and although I have found a wiki with the whole core book's powers listed "verbatim", the information is not shared as it is with Bash, M&M, Supers!, Gurps, Truth & Justice or Heroic Vision's universes...

    My rant aside, your blog has been of great help, all the same.
    Thanks for that.

  3. I think Adamant Entertainment is very good with the free sharing of ICONS material. It's an OGL game and I know there's a free online ICONS System Reference Document (SDR) out there, as well as a couple free character generators (by fans). Also, if you go to RPGNow and download Adamant's free preview of the Villainomicon, *all* the new ICONS rules in that core book are in that free PDF (along with a couple sample villains). Adamant has been very generous in what they give away and what they let fans do. And the author/developer of ICONS Steve Kenson has been amazing with the free content he's providing on his blog, at the Truth, Justice and Gaming ICONS wiki, and on the various message boards as well.

    As far as third party publishers are concerned, I really don't feel it's my place to reprint their content here, even if it is technically Open Game Content. These guys are producing content for a niche game in a niche genre in a niche hobby, and I don't want to make it any more financially unfeasible for them to produce new ICONS products. So while I may share some of the core rules material here when I rethink and rework it, I won't be doing that so much with third party publisher content, at least not without permission first. :)

  4. Thank you, Fabrício! Knowing that folks like you are enjoying reading my little scribblings makes it worthwhile and rewarding to me. :)

    Summon: Not only can you summon existing minions, but you can create them instantly too.

  5. Oops. That should be SRD - system reference document, not SDR...

  6. It's okay, jaerdaph, really. It's just frustrating not having the means to get the information I crave for, that's all. Despite being so informative as your blog is, I feel missing some gaps of info, as I'm not so sure as how to translate powers to the game yet. But thanks for being so kind, anyways.