Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rethinking Powers: Telepathy

Thinking about some of the conversation following last night's Mind Tap power post (which I initially was calling Mind Link but that name really didn't fit) got me thinking about how I would model the group telepathy power that DC Comics' Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian have in ICONS. I came up with the following re-write of the Telepathy power, including Mind Link as a bonus power option to allow for group telepathic communication. Please feel free to critique and evaluate in the comment section below.

Miss Martian - Young Justice
Mental Power
You can read the minds of others and transmit your thoughts to them.

You can read the mind of any character with a Willpower level lower than your Telepathy level or Willpower, whichever is greater. Minds with greater Willpower are closed to you unless you first tag one of their aspects (see Tagging and Compelling under Determination). Roll a Telepathy test against the subject’s Willpower to read their thoughts.

You are automatically aware when someone attempts to read your mind and may attempt to block the attempt; both telepaths roll power tests and the greater effort wins.

Mind Link: As a bonus power, a subject may elect to allow you to automatically read their mind (negating the need for any Willpower/Telepathy comparisons or Telepathy tests), allowing for two-way mental communication between you and the subject. Mind Link, however, only allows you to read the surface thoughts of the subject which is sufficient for having a mental conversation just as you would a verbal spoken one. You may add additional subjects to a Mind Link mental conversation at the cost of one Determination point per additional subject, but the Determination may be spent from your pool, the subject's pool or a Team Determination pool you share with the subject.

You may choose Mind Control or Mind Tap as bonus powers.


  1. Very nice! Are you planning to collect all these thoughts on powers on an "Ultimate Power Guide"? It would be great!!

  2. Thanks Fabrício! :)
    I'll probably put together some PDFs of collected material for download, eventually. I have been planning on doing a PDF of the ICONS 1602 article in the near future - it will give me a chance to play with my page layout DTP software again.

  3. Based on a conversation at RPGNet today, I've added the following to my version of Telepathy: "You may choose Mind Control or Mind Tap as bonus powers." Thoughts? Remember, bonus powers are not just options you can take during random character generation, but options for power stunts during game play as well.