Friday, May 4, 2012

Coming Soon: Golden Age Thrilling Action!

Daredevil by Dan Houser
I am thrilled to report that ICONS line artist Dan Houser has invited me to partner with him on a new series of PDF products for ICONS called Golden Age Thrilling Action! published through his imprint, Stark City Press. The concept is a pair of characters, a Golden Age ICONS hero and villain squaring off on a fantastic battleground. It's not a full adventure, just one scene and a map of the place where the battle takes place! Best news is, each PDF will retail for the low price of just $1 buck!

So what does this mean for the Golden Age Throwbacks series here at Just Add Heroes, is it going away? Absolutely not! I will continue to post my versions of classic Golden Age superheroes fully-statted for ICONS along with their origin stories. Many of those heroes will eventually make their way into Golden Age Thrilling Action! releases, but in addition to what you get here on the blog, you will also get a fully-statted supervillain, a battle scene to pit them against each other in, a map of that location and the best part: new artwork for these classic public domain characters re-imagined by Dan Houser himself.

Thank you everyone for your support and as always, thanks for reading!

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