Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stark City Games Releases Golden Age Thrilling Action #1

I'm pleased to report that Dan Houser and I have released the first installment of Golden Age Thrilling Action from Stark City Press this week at RPGNow!

Written by Line Artist for ICONS Dan Houser and myself (Joe Bardales), this is a Golden Age character pack with a pair of characters from the classic public domain pulp comics of the 40s, and a sample battleground. Dan also does all the amazing artwork.

This supplement is to be used to either run a quick battle scene for one-on-one play, or to have a few more characters for your own personal ICONS universe!

This issue features:
Doctor Hugo Strange -- mighty man of science who's mission in life is to CRUSH CRIME beneath his boot
Faceless Phantom -- Desperate criminal, mad genius, and occultist looking to destroy his hated foe, Doc Strange!

I take a look at Doc Strange and his origin story (complete with ICONS stats), then Dan gives you some insight into the background and machinations of the Faceless Phantom (also fully-statted for ICONS). Finally, Dan follows up on the two-fisted action with an exciting battle scene aboard the Phantom's Flying Fortress on the Fourth Of July!

And what's MORE patriotic than sending a right hook into the jaw of villainy on a Nazi Zeppelin on the Fourth of July?

Golden Age Thrilling Action #1 is a 13-page PDF and retails at RPGNow for only $1 buck!

Dan and I both hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more installments of Golden Age Thrilling Action!

Get a sneak-peak at Doc Strange right here at Just Add Heroes!


  1. I found this a really great supplement and it inspired me to write Hugo Strange into our campaign background as the father of the team's science-hero leader.

    Pleased to see you have stats for Mike Ellis as well (he's in our campaign now, as well, as the science-hero's business advisor).

  2. I meant to say also I eagerly await your next release ;)

  3. Thank you very much, Tim! I'm glad to see these are getting used too. I think using the characters as retired NPCs, connections, mentors or background in a modern campaign is a great idea.