Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Release Roundup: June is for JUSTICE WHEELS!

June was a very busy month for Fainting Goat Games and their Justice Wheels line - check out all their latest releases this month:

Justice Wheels #3: Bluejay
Written and illustrated by Adrian Smith with Mike Lafferty, this installment of Justice Wheels features Bluejay - a high-flying costumed vigilante who battles criminals from his airship, the Golden Eagle, and the PDF is available now at RPGNow for $1.50.

Justice Wheels #4: The Cowl
Written by Walt Robillard and Mike Lafferty with artwork by Jacob Blackmon, this installment of Justice Wheels features The Cowl - a high-tech urban vigilante who drives a phantom roadster dubbed simply Hush, and the PDF sells for $1.50 at RPGNow.

Justice Wheels #5 Chill
Written by Hollis McCray and Mike Lafferty with artwork by Rick Hershey, this installment of Justice Wheels features Chill - a cold powered vigilante who drive a customized Ice Bike, and the PDF retails for $1.50.

Each Justice Wheels PDF contains the ICONS stats, images, paper miniatures for one character and their signature vehicle along with tips for using them as a hero or villain in your game. In addition, ICONS Vehicle and Chase rules written by Daniel Gallant with consultation from ICONS creator Steve Kenson are included in every issue.

Also, the previously released Justice Wheels #1 Black Scarab has been revised and updated to include and reflect the Vehicle and Chase rules. If you already bought the PDF, be sure to visit RPGNow (or DriveThruRPG) to download your updated copy. If you haven't picked this up yet, it's a great introduction to the Justice Wheels line and a steal for on 50 cents!

Justice Wheels is a really great product line at a good price with a lot of "value added" - you can use the NPC as either a hero or a villain, plus you get a new power (Vehicle) with rules for building your own custom vehicles and a great set of chase rules that integrate seamlessly into the ICONS rule system. I highly recommend checking them out!

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