Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Claw's Subterranean Tunneling Vehicle

Back when I was first writing Golden Age Thrilling Action #2: Daredevil vs. The Claw (available now at RPGNow from Stark City Press), I included ICONS stats for the Claw's subterranean tunneling vehicle in the Skull Monastery Battleground scenario. Since that time, Fainting Goat Games has released their Justice Wheels line of products that include their ICONS Vehicle and Chase Rules in each and every issue. These new rules are really well done and since I'm using them from now on in my own games, I decided to re-stat the subterranean tunneling vehicle à la Justice Wheels and share them here, and plan on using the same rules going forward with Golden Age Thrilling Action.

[Built from Vehicle power at rank 6]
Prowess 6
Coordination 6
Strength 8
Speed 6 (effectively Burrow 6)
Stamina 10

Extra Passengers
Invulnerability 5

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like it! This will serve as a model for my future incursions in vehicles. =)

  2. Next we need the Random Vehicle Assembly Chart, that takes a whole bunch of parts you roll randomly and then figure out what kind of vehicle it is. ("It's got a...big drill....but no armour plating. And wings. It's drill? For the villain who thinks there's a Mesopotamian bowl over everything...?"

    Having been put in suspended animation before he could drill through the vault of heaven above the Tower of Babel, Uruk-amesh decides that he is going to rebuild his sky-drill. Can the heroes stop this fit of ancient madness?)

    Also, I like it.

  3. Random Vehicle Assembly Chart: That's not a bad idea, John. It would make ICONS vehicle creation as much fun as random character generation is.