Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Release Roundup: July 2012

The following new products for the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game were released this past month.

Golden Age Thrilling Action #3: Fighting Yank vs. Blitz (Stark City Press)
Dan Houser and I have released the third issue in the Golden Age Thrilling Action series, and this time we examine one of the first true American super-patriots from the WWII era now in the public domain, Fighting Yank. On the villainous side, we have his sworn enemy Blitz, a monstrous Nordic caveman with the powers of ice and cold, driven to destruction by his Nazi masters. They battle one another within the hidden American Bund base called 'The Shark's Den' behind a massive waterfall! Written by Joe Bardales with artwork by Dan Houser, this 14-page PDF is available today at RPGNow for only $1 dollar. Can Fighting Yank destroy The Shark's Den and put down the danger of Blitz before all North America freezes? Get it today and find out!

Improbable Tales: The Other Side (Fainting Goat Games)
The Other Side is a fun and fast-paced ICONS super-heroic adventure inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Inside you will find ICONS stats for the Dark Pharaoh (an avatar of Nyarlathotep) and a menagerie of Lovecraftian creatures, all beautifully illustrated. And like every Improbable Tales release, it also contains cut-out standees for use as miniatures in your game. Also included are some play-tested notes and tips on running the adventure. Written by the Steve Perrin and John Post with artwork by Adrian Smith, this 21-page PDF is currently on sale for the limited time price of $2.50 at RPGNow.

Justice Wheels #6: Hexarcana (Fainting Goat Games)
The sixth installment of Justice Wheels features Hexarcana the Hell Rider, a mystical villain literally from Hell with a mean-streak a mile wide and a demonic chopper. This 9-page PDF contains the ICONS stats, images, paper miniatures for Hexarcana and her signature vehicle along with tips for using her as a hero or villain in your game. It also includes the popular ICONS Vehicle and Chase rules written by Daniel Gallant with consultation from ICONS creator Steve Kenson. Written by Mike Lafferty with artwork by Jacob Blackmon, Justice Wheels #6: Hexarcana is available now from RPGNow and retails for $1.50.

Enemies of the State Volume 1 Issue 3 (Victory RPG)
Victory RPG has released the third installment Enemies of the State, a state-by-state chronicle of some of America's most diabolical, cunning, violent and psychopathic villains, and villains from all 50 states will be presented by the order of statehood. EoS Volume 1, Issue 3 presents four villains from New Hampshire and South Carolina. Written by Fran Vaughan with artwork by Stephen Vaughan, Storn Cook, James Nguyen, and Rudolf Montemayor, this is an 11-page PDF available now at RPGNow.

Field Guide to Superheroes Volume 4 (Vigilance Press)
Vigilance Press has released the fourth and final volume in their definitive encyclopedia of superhero archetypes in modern comics, the Field Guide to Superheroes. Written by Jason "Doctor Comics" Tondro with artwork by Dan Houser, this installment presents the last ten archetypes including Sidekicks, Super Cops, Undersea Heroes and Young Heroes. As in previous volumes, the archetypes are based on the character's origin and role in the story rather than a breakdown by power set. I've found every volume in this series to be original and thought-provoking, and a great resource for creating characters not just in ICONS but any Supers roleplaying game. I hope one day we see a Field Guide to Supervillains companion volume! Field Guide to Superheroes Volume 4 is a 52-page PDF that retails for $9.99 at RPGNow. Dr. Tondro recently shared some of his thoughts on the Field Guild to Superheroes and how it came to be on the Vigilance Press blog.

Amazing Stories of WWII: Homefront Villains (Vigilance Press)
Vigilance Press returns to its ICONS Amazing Stories of WWII roots this month with the release of Homefront Villains. Written by the legendary Steve Perrin (who also wrote the earlier companion piece, Homefront Heroes) and illustrated by Jon Gibbons and Denise Jones, this 32-page sourcebook presents 10 powerful villainous archetypes that threaten America’s Homefront during World War II and minions to back up their sinister masterminds. My personal favorite villain in this collection is the Sharkman hybrid gangster, Boss Shark. Homefront Villains is available as a print-on-demand softcover book as well as in PDF format from RPGNow.

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