Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blue Beetle's Bug

The next famous super-vehicle up for examination is the Blue Beetle's Bug, built using the ICONS Vehicle and Chase rules found in every issue of Justice Wheels from Fainting Goat Games.

The Bug is a solar-powered airship and was initially built by research scientist Ted Kord (alias of the Blue Beetle) from old auto parts and some of his failed experiments. Over the years, Ted and the Green Lantern Kilowog (a fellow member of the JSI) improved upon its design and capabilities. It features solar collector panels, thick titanium alloy and steel-reinforced armor panels, automatic deflector shields, laser beam weapons, and is capable of projecting solar and electromagnetic impulse blasts. The Bug's flight capability is provided by anti-gravity units located port and starboard, and booster jets allow it to reach supersonic speeds. Despite all this, it is amazingly quiet in flight. The Blue Beetle's Bug is also capable of traveling and operating underwater to depths of 300 meters thanks to watertight bulkheads. It can launch solar-powered probes called Miniature Bugs that are capable of transmitting and receiving audio and video signals. It is also equipped with robotic claw arms, a sky wire and portable crime lab. The original Bug was destroyed in a conflict between Doomsday and the Justice League, but afterwards Ted Kord built two more versions - the Mark I and the Mark II.

The Bug
[Built from Vehicle power at rank 9]
Prowess 5
Coordination 7
Strength 7 (includes Sky Wire and Grappling Hook Winch)
Speed 7 (effectively Flight 7)
Stamina 10

Remote Control - Located on Blue Beetle's gloves
Vertical Take-Off and Landing
Blast 5 (Blasting; Shooting) - Solar and Electromagnetic Impulse Blasts; Laser Beams
Binding 7 - Robotic Claw Arms
Force Field 5 - Automatic Deflector Shields
Aquatic 4 - Diving Mode
Supersenses 4 (Extended Vision +2, Extended Hearing +2) - Miniature Bugs (solar-powered probes)

As a vehicle stunt, Blue Beetle can spend a Determination point to reconfigure the Electromagnetic Impulse Blasts to electrify or magnetize the Bug's hull. Treat as Blast 5 (Blasting) for electrical damage or Binding 5 for magnetism.

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