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Golden Age Throwbacks: The Ghost and his Ghost Plane!

The Ghost!
For this installment of Golden Age Throwbacks, we are not only going to take a look at a superhero now in the public domain but his signature super-vehicle as well using the ICONS Vehicle and Chase Rules found in every issue of Justice Wheels from Fainting Goat Games. The Ghost (not to be confused with the similarly-named Ghost character from Nedor Comics that we examined earlier) was published by Lev Gleason Publications and appeared in the pages of Daredevil Comics as a filler character taking second billing to the Claw. The secret identity of criminologist Brad Hendricks, the Ghost had no superpowers but instead relied on his unarmed combat abilities and possessed a high-tech (for the time period) airplane, the Ghost Plane.

During his short run, the Ghost fought an epic serial battle against the Claw and actually faced off against him more than Daredevil ever did (see Golden Age Thrilling Action #2: Daredevil vs. Claw). Every month the Ghost would thwart the Claw's plans to conquer America, and in turn the Claw would form pacts with other villains (the Nazi spies Miss X and Kloglo, the mysterious and cruel Cobra Queen, the Japanese Navy and even Hitler himself) to remove the Ghost as an obstacle. The Ghost had his own allies, particularly Professor Bloodcut, a brave and courageous bookworm who dedicated his scientific research to studying the Claw in hopes of finding his weaknesses. With the ongoing conflict of World War II as a backdrop, their battle royal would span from New York City and the United States, to across Europe, Asia and Mexico.

The Ghost was one of Lev Gleason Publications 'B-List' heroes (making only 15 appearances from 1941 to 1943) and never made the cover or even had his own title - he always appeared as a guest star in the Claw's monthly feature. Nevertheless, the stories were exciting, patriotic and always picked up from the previous month's cliffhanger.
The Ghost vs. The Claw!

THE GHOST (Lev Gleason Publications)
Origin: Trained
Real Name: Brad Hendricks
First Appearance: Daredevil Comics #5 [Lev Gleason Publications November 1941]

Brad Hendricks
Prowess  6
Coordination  6
Strength  5
Intellect  3
Awareness  3
Willpower  5

Stamina  10
Determination  5

  • Acrobatics Expert
  • Aerial Combat Expert
  • Criminology Master
  • Investigation
  • Martial Arts Expert
  • Pilot Expert
  • Vehicle 5
The Cobra Queen
  • Connections: Professor Bloodcut (The Ghost's Assistant)
  • Epithet: Brave and Mysterious Man in White
  • Motivation: Defend America and Democracy from the Axis Powers
  • Arch Enemy: The Claw
  • Enemy: Nazi Spies (Miss X, Kloglo)
  • Enemy: The Cobra Queen
 Point Total: 45

Ghost Plane

The Ghost and Professor Bloodcut
aboard the Ghost Plane
Prowess 4
Coordination 5
Strength 5
Speed 5 (effectively Flight 5)
Stamina 6 

Affliction 5 - Gas Bombs (Close Range Area Effect)
Blast 5 (Shooting) - Machine Guns

The Ghost first appeared in Daredevil Comics #5 (November 1941) published by Lev Gleason Publications and was created by Bob Wood.

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  1. Nice work again, Joe! This Ghost I just came to know when Alex Ross revamped him for Dynamite (I always thought he was from a mystic origin, because of how Ross drew his airplane with ths skull on it).