Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My First Justice Wheels Release: Galaxy Warden!

This week, Fainting Goat Games released Justice Wheels #8: Galaxy Warden written by yours truly, Joe Bardales. It  features Chip Carrington, 1930s Earth-man lost in space and now fighting for interplanetary justice on the other side of the galaxy aboard his spaceship, the VSS Lightingstrike. The Galaxy Warden is inspired by and loosely based on Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Adam Strange along with Spacehawk, a character I recently discovered at the Golden Age Comic Book Stories blog. The very talented Scott Harshbarger provides the artwork. Like all issues of Justice Wheels, it contains suggestions for using the characters as either a hero or a villain, cut out standees of the character and his signature ship to use as miniatures in your game, and the ICONS Vehicle and Chase rules. This 9-page PDF is for sale now at RPGNow.

To celebrate the release of my first Justice Wheels title for Fainting Goat Games, I created this sector map of the Galaxy Warden setting using Cosmographer 3 from Profantasy Software and Scott Harshbarger's art as a way of saying thank you for all the support and encouragement!
Click on image to enlarge!