Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New ICONS Publisher: Purple Duck Games

Purple Duck Games is a publisher that's been around for awhile now and probably best known for their products supporting the PATHFINDER Roleplaying Game. I recently discovered their inexpensive Heroic Moments series for the 4C FASERIP system (a.k.a. TSR's classic Marvel Superheroes RPG), and I decided to test drive a few for use as inspiration in my own ICONS games. Heroic Moments is an ashcan series of mini adventures complete with setup, locations and villains that can be dropped into any campaign almost seamlessly and with little effort on the part of the GM. I was so impressed with the first couple I picked up to try out that I went back and purchased the rest of the series. Even though the original Heroic Moments products were written for another system, the lineage and simplicity of ICONS is such that FASERIP products like these can be used with minimal GM effort in an ICONS session. Great stuff, and I probably should have brought them to your attention sooner. Imagine my joy when earlier today I saw that Purple Duck Games had just released a new Heroic Moments, this time for the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game!

Heroic Moments: The Possession of Dr. Diamond is the first ICONS product from Purple Duck Games. Written by Bill Olander with artwork by Brian Brinlee and Gary Dupuis, this 9-page PDF is available now at RPGNow for $1.60. From the product description:

‘Doctor Diamond’ is a name known to most of the inhabitants of the City. He is an obsessed scientist overtaken by his theories of using diamonds and other crystals to break the dimensional barrier. Over the years this obsession has led him into several diamond and jewel heists attempting to get the materials he needs for his experiments. This almost always leads him back to jail at the minimum sentence for being just that pathetic.
All of that changed a week ago when Dr. Diamond succeeded in opening a doorway to another world. Zyr-Khan the Conqueror, a crystalline spider from the world on the “other side” leapt onto Dr. Diamond and instantly possessed him.
Since then the doctor’s reputation has changed. Dr. Diamond continues to plot ways to steal dimensional technology, but now there is a dark edge to the formerly soft spoken Doctor’s plots. In the last two heists two bystanders have been gravely wounded. Most troubling of all, the heists have been successful. Few suspect Zyr-Khan’s true plan is to create a dimensional bomb to send itself home, dragging the city with him in the process.
Events come to a head when the possessed Dr. Diamond breaks into the best equipped physics lab in the city, taking hostages in the process.
Heroic Moments is the series of single scenes (or heroic moments) for four-color superheroic games like the ICONS Roleplaying Game. This series is designed to be dropped seamlessly into any existing superhero campaign. All Heroic Moments are set in “The City,” which has many of the same features of any typical comic book setting. Locations in The City are left somewhat vague to make adaptations easier.

This is a good, solid initial ICONS offering from Purple Duck Games. Everything you need to run a night's ICONS session with minimal GM prep is included. The full page illustration of Dr. Diamond by Brian Brinlee is particularly well done. I look forward to seeing more in this exciting series!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to review this. We have had a number of inquiries about possible ICONS support so bringing Heroic Moments over to ICONS seemed like a natural idea.

    Mark Gedak, Purple Duck Games.

  2. My pleasure, Mark. When I read the earlier Heroic Moments, they did indeed seem like a natural fit for ICONS. Thanks for stopping by!