Friday, August 3, 2012

The Batmobile

Today's inductee into the Super-Vehicle Hall of Fame is none other than Batman's signature ride, the Batmobile, built using the ICONS Vehicle and Chase rules found in every issue of Justice Wheels from Fainting Goat Games.

The Batmobile
[Built from Vehicle power at rank 7]
Prowess 5
Coordination 7
Strength 6
Speed 6 (effectively Super-Speed 6)
Stamina 8

Remote Control
Blast (Blasting) 4 - Machine Guns (Rubber Bullets)
Invulnerability 4 - Armor Plating
Strike (Bashing) 6 - Bat-tering Ram
Blinding (Burst) 2 - Bat Smoke Screen

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  1. Just got this in at work this week, and I was flicking through it thinking about what you'd do with the Batmobile. it's ever so pretty, but since I was getting paid to be there, I couldn't spend as long as I would have liked going through it.

  2. Hi Shorty - thanks for stopping by! That new Batmobile book looks sweet. There are so many "versions" of the Batmobile dating back to the early days of Detective Comics and it has certainly evolved over the years right up to the current movie franchise. I know there are other features I could have added (or skipped) when spending the vehicle points in this build. I tried to pick extras that would be useful in an ICONS chase scene (while remaining non-lethal in ICONS terms, i.e. no shooting/slashing), but I flirted with the idea of adding a navigation and tracking system.

  3. Joe,

    First of all, nice work again. I have a little doubt here: why do the vehicles so far have their prowess one level down their stated power level?

    Keep the vehicles coming!

  4. In the Vehicle construction and customization rules I'm using from Justice Wheels, if you lower a stat (any stat not just Prowess but Coordination, Strength, Speed and Stamina as well) down by one or more points from the power level, you can add those points to other stats to raise them above the power level or add them to your point pool to spend on extras. So with a Vehicle power level rank of 7, if I lower Prowess from 7 to 5, I now have two points I can spend elsewhere however I want.

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    1. And what about the Extras? Do they count on those "gained" points you get? I couldn't do the maths on Batmobile, according to those rules...

  6. Each of the five stats gets a base rank at the power level, and you get twice the power level in points to spend on extras. You can then customize the vehicle if you wish by moving the points around between stats or add them to the points for extras, or take them from the points for extras and add them to the stats. So for Vehicle 7, I initially get all five stats at rank 7, and 14 points to spend on extras. Extras can be powers with ranks (at a cost of 1 point per rank), or non-power features like Remote Control or Extra Passengers (at a cost of 1 point per feature). So Vehicle 7 gives me a total of stats 7x5=35 plus extras 2x7=14 for a max total of 49 points to spend at that power level. Even though I moved the points around to customize, they still total 49.

  7. Thanks, Joe, for teaching me that. Maybe I'll try my hand on a vehicle soon.