Monday, August 13, 2012

The X-Men's Blackbird

It's time to take a look at another famous super-vehicle from the pages of the comics and give it the ICONS treatment: The X-Men's Blackbird (or X-Jet). Originally a scaled-up and modified version of a Lockheed SR-71, the Blackbird is a strato-jet capable of hypersonic speeds that has been souped up over the years by the mutant inventor Forge and enhanced with alien Shi'ar technology. The Blackbird is built using the ICONS Vehicle and Chase rules found in every issue of Justice Wheels from Fainting Goat Games.

Blackbird (X-Jet)
[Built from Vehicle power at rank 9]
Prowess 5
Coordination 7
Strength 7
Speed 8 (effectively Flight 8)
Stamina 9

Extra Passengers
Vertical Take-Off and Landing
Blast 6 (Shooting) - Laser Guns
Blast 6 (Blasting) - Concussion Missiles
Invisibility 7 - Shi'ar Cloaking Device (Holographic Active Camouflage)
Life Support 6 (Cold, Breathing, Heat, Pressure, Radiation, Vacuum) - Deep Space-ready Cabin

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  1. adding Vertical Take Off and Landing as an Extra is a cool touch

  2. Thanks, Mike! I've been trying to come up with some new non-power features to use as one point extras. VTOL seemed like a natural.