Monday, September 3, 2012

Neighborhoods of Stark City

Artwork by Jon Gibbons
We are in the final stretch for the Stark City: Setting and City Building Toolkit for ICONS Kickstarter and very close to reaching our funding goal by September 16, 2012 (only $211 left to go at this writing). Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!

Here's a list of the neighborhoods that make up Stark City and a little info about them. In the next week or so, we'll be releasing previews of some of these neighborhoods in a little more detail.

Geartown: Rundown industrial neighborhood by the docks where organized crime has a strong grip. Geartown is the most crime-plagued section of Stark City and the home turf of various street gangs and a handful of beleaguered street-level heroes fighting to clean it up. Aquatic criminals from the breakaway merman colony in Stark Lake have been making inroads into the criminal underground in Geartown, peddling highly addictive drugs on the piers to street criminals eager for the newest product.

Platinum Coast: Ritzy, upscale area along the shores of Stark Lake where the well-heeled rub shoulders with the politicians, businessmen and the occasional under-the-radar supervillain or vigilante. The headquarters of the Stark City PD is also here and their fleet of observation dirigibles is frequently seen ferrying between their Platinum Coast hangers and the rest of the city. Although the Home Owner's Association hates to discuss it, also in the Platinum Coast neighborhood under the watchful eye of the Stark City PD is the Odyssey Residences Halfway House, home to several paroled supervillains seeking to make a new start. Also here are the radio and TV stations as well as the Stark City Airport.

Tesla Industry Park: The technology center of Stark City. Here you find pure R&D firms engaged in super-science (such as Paragon Engineering whose work focuses on teleportation and dimensional travel), defense contractors (such as A.R.E.S. Labs who is engaged in body armor and energy weapon research), high-tech startups as well as the various heroic and villainous factions who are attached to each. Stark City University is also based here.

Silver District: Historic downtown of Stark City - which doubles as the city's financial district. This is the heart of commerce, art and business in the city. The primary train station is here as well as bars, theaters, stadiums and the better restaurants. It is also the home to the city's defenders -- the Sentinel Citadel.

The Catacombs: Running deep underneath Geartown, Tesla Industry Park and the Silver District is a largely forgotten tunnel network from an ambitious pneumatic subway system project that was abandoned without being completed in the 1930s. Since then, the tunnels have become a literal criminal underground. Despite the best efforts of the Stark City PD, at any given moment a handful of nefarious factions (from street gangs to mafia crews to apocalypse cults to super-science terrorist cells) are likely to have transitory safehouses in the Catacombs. 

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