Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Release: Transforming Mechs for ICONS!

If you ever wanted to build a character for ICONS with a transforming mech, the latest installment of Justice Wheels from Fainting Goat Games shows you how to do just that using the ICONS Vehicle and Chase Rules found in every issue. Written by Curt Meyer with character and vehicle stats by yours truly (Joe Bardales) and illustrated by ICONS line artist Dan Houser, Justice Wheels #11 features Shar-aa, an ace pilot and her transforming mecha, the Silent Fury. The Silent Fury mech has three modes: Jet Form, Warrior Form and Hybrid Form. This 12-page PDF contains the ICONS stats, images, and paper miniatures for Shar-aa and her signature vehicle along with tips for using her as either a hero or villain in your game. This was also a great opportunity to showcase the Transform extra for vehicle design found in the Vehicle and Chase rules. Justice Wheels #11 Shar-aa: The Screaming Angel is available now for only $1 buck at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG

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