Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Release: Hope Preparatory School Artists Character Pack

Melior Via released the Hope Preparatory School Artists Character Pack for ICONS earlier this week. Written by Chuck Burhanna and John Dunn with artwork by Dan Houser, this 13-page PDF contains six fully-statted members of the Artist clique for the Hope Preparatory School setting. The pack includes two Sophomores, two Juniors, and two Seniors. Printable character standees are also included for use as miniatures. Available now for just $2.99 at RPGNow and DriveThruRpg.

Melior Via is also holding a Halloween Sale on some of their Hope Prep products related to the holiday for both ICONS and Mutants and Masterminds . For more on these limited time deals, check out their blog.

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  1. If you have any interest in running a high school game (and I admit that my interest was minimal), the Melior Via stuff is very nice. We played all of the adventures that were then out and had fun. (And they have a great touch with character Aspects.)

    I had, I think, only two actual complaints: First, some of the characters in the Freshman pack seem underpowered, and I beefed them up in my games (since they were PCs). Not everyone will feel the same way, though, and on reflection, I think my attitude was largely driven by years and years and years of Champions.

    Second, I think that Hallowe'en Ball has some plotting issues--there are one or two items that can't actually be discovered by the players unless they have very specific abilities. Now, as it turns out, those items can be made less important, and the rest of the adventure plays just fine.

    So, because you have more readers than I do, I just want to repeat: get the Melior Via Hope Prep material.