Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Capers!

Slang An illegal plot or enterprise, especially one involving theft.

Here is a simple random table to determine what type of caper a supervillain might attempt to pull off, should you ever need such a thing.

1d6: for the uninitiated, in a tabletop roleplaying game (or RPG, like Dungeons & Dragons or ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying, the focus of my blog), this notation means to roll one six-sided die (like you would find in most board games) to get a result of 1 to 6.

Location: The Scene of the Crime. Roll 1d6 to determine caper location, then see below.
1. Bank
2. Museum
3. Store
4. Charity Ball
5. Science Lab
6. Private Residence

Bank: Roll 1d6
1 to 4: Money (i.e. cash, clams, dead presidents, dough)
5 or 6: Safe Deposit Box Contents

Museum: Roll 1d6
1 to 3: Ancient Artifact
4 or 5: Rare Painting
6: Mummy

Store: Roll 1d6
1 to 3: Jewelry Store (gold, silver, diamonds)
4: Coin Shop (numismatics or coin collecting)
5: Furrier (mink coats, sable wraps)
6: Pawn Shop (practically anything)

Charity Ball: Roll 1d6
1 to 2: Money
3 to 5: Jewelry
6: Specific Person (kidnap and ransom)

Science Lab: Roll 1d6
1 to 2: Secret Formula
3 to 5: Prototype Invention
6: Lab Notes

Private Residence: Roll 1d6
1 to 2: Money
3: Rare Painting
4: Jewelry
5: Private Papers (wills, deeds, personal diary or journal for blackmail!)
6: Specific Person (kidnap and ransom)

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