Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Extreme Earth!

Imagine a world on the brink of chaos. A world where natural disasters, human conflict, corporate greed, and mass paranoia shape the day-to-day lives of the 7 billion people who call the Earth home. Genetic manipulation and mutation has altered the human genome bringing forth an influx of unusual men and women who possess strange and powerful talents. Advancements in scientific discoveries, mutated viruses, and international terrorist organizations now affect the daily lives of the population.

Welcome to Extreme Earth... 

As some of you may have heard me mention before, I've been working with artist extraordinaire Jon Gibbons on a new campaign setting for ICONS (along with a host of other supers roleplaying games including BASH!, Bulletproof Blues, Fate Accelerated Edition, Mutants & Masterminds, and SUPERS!) called Extreme Earth. We've been sharing teaser artwork and plan on releasing some teaser PDF previews for each game system over the next few weeks. Extreme Earth will be published by Mike Lafferty and Fainting Goat Games.

Extreme Earth is very much inspired by the comics of the Iron Age, set in a dark, dystopian world that isn't too hard to imagine within the realm of possibility. While this isn't an Iron Age sourcebook per se, we will be examining each game system in terms of how they might be applied in an Extreme Earth campaign in the character creation chapter. It's a lower powered campaign setting, slightly higher than street level. You won't see magic or the supernatural, or travel through time or other dimensions in Extreme Earth. Skills and Specialties – both knowledge and training – play a larger role on par with powers (or Super Talents). Combat is dangerous, even deadly, and a bullet is still something to be feared. There are still a wide variety of Super Talents available, and these are assumed to come from genetic manipulation, scientific experimentation and something know as the Wildstrain mutation.

Some of the Iron Age tropes, touchstones, and themes found in Extreme Earth include:
  • Moral Dilemmas and Ethical Quandaries
  • Investigation
  • Black Ops Missions
  • Knowledge and Training are as Important as Powers
  • Flawed Heroes
  • Former Villains turned Anti-Hero
  • Combat is Dangerous and Lethal
  • Weaker, but not Impotent, Powers
  • Corruption, Distrust, and Betrayal (at all levels of government and society)

We also have an All-Star lineup of RPG pros working on the various game systems for the different versions of Extreme Earth that will be available:
  • BASH! - Benjamin Marsh-Norman (HAZARD Studios, BAM! Basic Action Magazine)
  • Bulletproof Blues - Brandon Blackmoor (Kalos Comics)
  • Fate Accelerated Edition - Stacey Montgomery
  • ICONS - Joe Bardales (Fainting Goat Games, Stark City Press)
  • Mutants & Masterminds - Steve Perrin (Living Legend of Runequest and Superworld fame)
  • Mutants & Masterminds - Ade Smith (Fainting Goat Games, Vigilance Press, Basic Action Games)
  • SUPERS! - Walt Robillard (HAZARD Studios)

We will be launching a Kickstarter for this project in Summer 2013. You can learn more and receive regular updates by joining the Extreme Earth Community on Google+, or Like the Extreme Earth Page on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!
Original Artwork by Jon Gibbons


  1. Updated to include Stacey Montgomery who has joined the team to work on the Fate Accelerated version of Extreme Earth since this blog post was first published.