Publisher of the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game.

Adamant Entertainment
Publisher of ICONS Team-Up and the upcoming ION GUARD Campaign Setting, Second Edition.

BAMF Podcast
Mike Lafferty's (of Fainting Goat Games) always entertaining podcast on all things supers roleplaying. Make mine BAMF!

The Cartographers' Guild
A forum for cartography enthusiasts.

A collection of maps and diagrams straight from comic book pages.

Design Notes
The official blog of Vigilance Press's Charles Rice.

Doctor Comics
The official blog of Jason Tondro, the author (with a PhD in comics!) of the Field Guide to Superheroes series from Vigilance Press.

Fainting Goat Games
Publisher of a variety of ICONS products including the Stark City Campaign Setting, Justice Wheels, and Improbable Tales adventures. Founded by Mike Lafferty (of Vigilance Press and the BAMF Podcast fame), Fainting Goat Games produces ICONS products featuring art from well-know ICONS artists Dan Houser and Jon Gibbons as well as Adrian Smith (artist for Mesozoic Press).

Publishers of the Comicworld nation sourcebooks for ICONS.

Publishers of Zenith Comics products for ICONS.

ICONS: Truth, Justice and Gaming
A fan-made and managed wiki dedicated to the Role-Playing Game ICONS, published by Ad Infinitium Adventures.

Melior Via
Publisher of the Hope Preparatory School campaign setting for ICONS.

Profantasy Software
Makers of Campaign Cartographer 3 mapping software for RPGs. 

Radioactive Ape Designs
Publisher of the ION GUARD setting for ICONS.

Publisher of ICONS supplements based on the Hero Happy Hour comic.

Stark City Press
Publisher of Golden Age Thrilling Action products for ICONS, Stark City Press is the imprint of ICONS line artist Dan Houser. 

Steve's Blog: Random Thoughts
The official blog of Steve Kenson, author of the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game.

Steve Kenson
The official blog of Steve Kenson, author of the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game.

Victory RPG
Publishers of Enemies of the State, a state-by-state chronicle of  supervillains for ICONS.

Vigilance Press
Publisher of a variety of ICONS supplements featuring the Vigilance Universe (The USHER Dossiers, The Field Guide to Superheroes, Wargames Due Vigilance, Devilish Duos, and Amazing Stories of World War II).

Vigilance Press Podcast
Catch the latest ICONS news (and more) from Vigilance Press. Stay Vigilant!

Yahoo! Icons RPG Group
This list is for the discussion of the ICONS Roleplaying game by Steven Kenson, published by Ad Infinitium Adventures.